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     Elizabeth Jane Crawford Fiddyment Hill Atkinson died in 1906 - just a couple of years before the first big building boom in Roseville. She died remembering the small area known as Junction, and how it developed into a village that grew up around the railroad. She remembered that Junction eventually became Roseville, although no one could ever explain exactly how Roseville got its name.


     She came to California as a widowed mother of a two year old named Walter Frederick Fiddyment. She married [again] in 1855 and she and her new husband, George Hill, started a ranch in what was called the Pleasant Grove area. From her modest  home the only sight she could see were massive plains dotted with groves of rambling oak trees and seasonal springs.



 George Hill b. ~1826

m. 1856  Elizabeth Jane Crawford b. 1830


Martha Frances b. 1855

James A. b. 1856

John Albert b. 1856

Frank A. b. 1858

Georgia A. b. 1861



 Walter Fiddyment b. 1825

m. 1850  Elizabeth Jane Crawford b 1830


Walter Fiddyment b. 1850

m. Ella Bond b. 1855


Russell Fiddyment b. 1886

m. Cora Spangler b. 1889


David Fiddyment

m. Dolly Lorenzen





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